Sunday, April 18, 2010

It Is Official!

I attended the air show yesterday, can’t hardly walk today!  Parked south of Broadway and walked down to the river, I wasn't the only one that made the hike.

The journey continued until we reached River Road, you can't tell from this picture but the ramps to I64 were shut down and people were standing on them.  Later, during the fireworks the Kennedy Bridge will be closed shitting down I65 both directions. Ever seen a show shut down an interstate highway?  The picture below is underneath the Second Street Bridge, the oldest of the three downtown, not counting the old rail road bridges. 

A few thousand of my closest friends.  Don't think you can see the other bank, it is also littered with peeps.

 The air show was under way as I made it to the river.  The Missing Man formation was touching, they had a moment of silence for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. 

                                           See it Framed

Skipped out before Thunder Over Louisville began, to many people.  The planes from the air show are still making a racket today. Tried to catch this puppy when it made a low pass on the river but couldn't catch him at 550 mph, Screaming Eagle is a misnomer, Roaring Eagle would better describe the noise.  I guess eagles do not roar...
                                                          See Framed

We are attending the grand re-opening of the Derby Museum this afternoon. Hope to bring back some shots from that.

Hope to have some of my paintings photographed soon. Please check back.

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