Saturday, April 24, 2010

Opening Day at Churchill Downs, Spring Meet 2010

It started out as a pretty day, not nearly the crowd I expected. Probably because they called for rain, 80% chance of thunderstorms. But what the heck, being from Kentucky it is against the law to miss opening day. So I joined a few thousand of my closest friends and we braved the elements. Sure enough a torrential down pour hit just in time for the fifth race.

But it was worth it, got up close and personal with Conveyance and American Lion, both contenders for the 2010 Derby. Conveyance took it all in:

                                           See it Framed

American Lion looked like he was ready to run:

                                          See it Framed

What a pretty horse!  The one below is Dublin Da'Bet.  He is in the first race of the Spring Meet, it will be his 6th career run, and his 3rd win.  

                                           See it Framed                                       
Time for the first race.

                                           See it Framed

That is Calvin Borel atop Dublin Da’Bet, his first win of the day, he won 3 out of the first 6.  That is odd, it was Dublin's 3rd career win and his 6th career run, how strange.  I left after the sixth race because it was raining so hard couldn’t get good pictures.

This is Calvin after winning the first race.


I'll be back later to add some more pictures.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by. Interesting posts - I go to a friends Derby party every year - they are from Kentucky and throw a great party.

    As for your profile, I don't think you can change your profile for just one blog - you'd have to have a different sign on name.

    Enjoy the Derby